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Admissions Open
AniBee is now @ BTM, Koramangala, Whitefield, Vellore, Hulimavu, Kammanahalli 

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Our New Branches

We are now Open and Also Accepting Admissions

At "Hulimavu" and "Kammanahalli", Bangalore

join us in nurturing the next generation at our newest playschool locations!

Our New Branch

We are now Open At "Kammanahalli", Bangalore

join us in nurturing the next generation at our newest playschool location!

Our Programs

Enhancing language skills
Gross motor skills
Sensory Skills
Exploration and Scientific Temperament
Creative thinking
Rational thinking
Logical skill
Molding individuality
Prewriting skills
Learning through Art and Music
Writing skills
Reading skills
Enhancing Listening Skill
Vocabulary building
Preparing for Pre-primary school
Free Play
Gross Motor Skills
Social Skills
Coloring and Painting
Music Movement
Speech Enhancement
Sports Activities
Logical Thinking Activities
Reuse and Recycle
Kids Kitchen
Junior Scientist
Who We Are

Discover Now Why People Come to the Best Preschool in Bangalore

AniBee is committed to providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment to build children’s curiosity, help them learn and make them feel valued. We aspire that every child enjoys learning, achieve full potential and become an independent life-long learner


International Curriculum

Our approach to learning in the Early years (Playgroup to UKG) is tailored as per international standards for the developmental needs and readiness of your child at every stage,

Wellness & Happiness Quotient

Happiness has a direct connection with the level of energy your child has. We focus on Happiness Quotient, because safe, healthy and happy children are ready to learn and grow.

Fundamentals of Multi-sports

Sports are a great way to help your preschoolers build the skills they’ll need later in life. We ignite the love for sports and fitness by introducing the fundamentals of Multi – sports concepts.

Safe & Hygienic Environment

Healthy environments are critical for preschoolers’ development. We provide Clean, safe and secure environment to support early childhood development by providing responsive caregiving

Why Choose Us

10 Years of Experience in Preschool Education, Bangalore!

Our priority is children’s happiness. We want every child to feel safe and secure and endeavour to create a caring, supportive environment that enables each individual to develop and shine. When a child steps into our doors we aim to take them on an exhilarating journey of learning, growth and discovery.

Best Learning Aids

Engaging Projects

Efficient Student Teacher Ratio

Experienced Staff

Concept Based Learning

Concept-based learning fosters a lifelong love for discovery in our young learners

Sports Activities

Our sports activities foster physical development and team spirit for active bodies and minds in Young Learners

Skill Based Learning

Our skill-based training empowers young minds and nurtures future leaders by fostering confidence, creativity, and critical thinking

Event & Celebrations

Events and celebrations at our preschool celebrate milestones, create memories, and foster community spirit, growth, fun, and togetherness
Why choose us for your child?



Preschool ?

for a transformative early childhood experience that nurtures the individual journey of every child, echoing Dr. Beena Pinto’s vision of mindful and value-based learning.

Early Development Focus:

At AniBee Preschool, we prioritize the pivotal first five years, providing a nurturing environment that supports comprehensive early development.

Cognitive Enhancement:

Our curriculum is crafted to boost cognitive skills through innovative, interactive learning experiences, enhancing memory and critical thinking.

Social Skills Development:

We emphasize social skill-building, engaging children in cooperative activities that teach teamwork and empathy, essential for future relationships

Emotional Nurturing:

Emphasizing emotional growth, AniBee Preschool nurtures empathy and self-control, essential for children's understanding and management of their emotions.

School Readiness:

Preparing children for formal education, AniBee focuses on foundational literacy, numeracy, and acclimation to school routines and environments.

Community Engagement:

AniBee fosters community ties, connecting families and local communities to create a supportive network for our children's nurturing education.


NTT @ AniBee Preschool Bangalore

Nursery Teachers Training offered @AniBee not just empowers you with knowledge but also equips you to nurture young minds.

Perks NTT@AniBee Preschool

  1. Placement Assistance
  2. Weekly three days online classes ( TWO DAYS THEORY AND ONE DAY COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH)
  3. Visit the nearest branch for hands-on experience
  4. Work in any of our branches and enjoy the benefit of paying the fee in installments
      Duration – June – May

Who can join

Anyone passionate to work with children and has completed 12th grade Come be a part of this Journey lets create a better us for better tomorrow

Parents Testimonies

What Parents Say About



Mr. Mayank & Mrs. Komal Parents of Medha Mayank, UKG

We are truly blessed with the commitment and hard work shown by everyone at Anibee Preschool. The teachers, students, principal, and management have collectively created an outstanding learning environment. Their dedication makes it a wonderful place for our children's growth and development. Kudos to the entire Anibee team!

Mr. Alok and Mrs. Arpana Parents of Aadhira Alok, UKG

We are truly impressed at how Anibee Preschool teachers and management take care of our children. Their events are organized beautifully, providing a beautiful platform for our children to show off their enhanced talent with colorful costumes and traditions. Keep growing, and our best wishes always!

Mr. Girish & Mrs. Jahnavi Parents of Jaswik & Jasritha, LKG

We are deeply grateful to AniBee School for their exceptional dedication and care toward kids. The teachers' and staff's hard work and talent create a nurturing and educational environment where my twins have thrived academically and in extracurricular activities. Thank you, AniBee, for your wonderful commitment to each child's growth and happiness.

Raminuddin Siddiqui Parents of Rami

As parents of Ramin, our journey and experience with Anibee Preschool has been incredibly positive. The caring and skilled staff create a warm environment where our child thrives. The well-rounded curriculum promotes both academic and social development. We appreciate the school's commitment to fostering a love for learning in these crucial early years. Highly recommend!

Suresh Krishnan & Usha Devi S Parents of Dakshika S, LKG

We're thrilled to be part of the Anibee Preschool family with our daughter, Dakshika. Her joy in attending lessons, engaging in diverse activities, and cultural events has been wonderful to see. The hard work of the teachers, students, and staff in creating a nurturing and dynamic learning environment is truly commendable. We feel fortunate to be a part of this institution where our children flourish under such dedicated guidance.Thank you, Anibee, for fostering such a vibrant learning environment for our child.

Parents of Reyansh, Playgroup

Anibee School offers a holistic learning environment where children thrive. Extra-curricular activities like color day, different craft activities, and sports day have enriched their experience. Fun activities like the annual day celebration and dance for all kids, and teaching in open spaces in the middle of nature have sparked creativity and curiosity. Reyansh has developed good qualities of socializing with other kids and also has done good learning in the process.

Mr. Jayaprakash & Mrs. Shruthi Parents of Jaganath

Hi AniBee Team, Our son Jaganath has been a part of AniBee family for the past one year. He is more often a shy and interact child at home, but we could see drastic changes during his performance on stage. He was joyful and happy. Beyond that all the elements from the venue, arrangement, schedule of the program, food are was much appreciated. All kudos to Kavitha ma'am and all other staffs for making my son a better version of himself and for the wonderful show during the Annual Day.

Parents of Aradhya, Nursery

Anibee School Koramangala demonstrated a commendable commitment to holistic education, integrating academic rigor with experiential learning and fostering a nurturing environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential. Thank you to all team members of koramagala anibee'school.